About RPS

Artists, Explorers, Visionaries.

Teachers, Mentors, Mothers.

Rock Paper Scissors Collective is a team of multifaceted women who bring knowledge, experience, and love to provide fun and authentic art workshops.

Trained professionally as Fine Artists as well as teachers and caregivers, we are disciplined in the areas of Print Media, Fibre Arts, Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media Arts.

Specializing in multiage co-teaching, our intent is to provide children and youth with an opportunity to develop their artistic skills while using art as a medium to delve into cross curricular education. As teachers, we recognize the need to help our students grasp the concepts they need to excel. At Rock Paper Scissors, we use arts integration to explore BC’s redesigned curriculum and the core competencies.



Lydia graduated her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alberta College of Art and Design, majoring in Fibre. Though weaving and textiles are her forte, she also practises in painting, drawing, photography, print, and sculpture. Lydia is a certified Early Childhood Education Assistant and has been working with children and youth between the ages of one and fifteen for over ten years. She holds a strong belief that art is the most powerful tool for expression, growth, and learning, and aims to provide as much exposure to this outlet as possible.




Danielle spent her youth around eccentric visual artists, designers, musicians and photographers, therefore it was natural for her to gravitate toward the arts community. As a lover of all things print, she was classically trained in the field of Print Media, earning a BFA at Concordia University in Montreal, QC. During her time in Montreal, she taught Screen Printing techniques to Master students and mentored the young adults while being a Teachers Assistant in various Print Media classes at the University. This brought on the desire to learn how to incorporate her artistic print skills into the design world, where she took classes to complete her Visual Design Diploma at SAIT. After the birth of her son, Danielle completed her BE.d awarded from the University of British Columbia. Currently she teaches in the two neighbouring school districts, SD20 and SD8. Danielle’s strong belief in incorporating arts integration into a variety of subjects stem from her love of art and understanding how important it is for the growth and development of our children. Presently, Danielle is completing her Masters in Special Education through the University of Victoria which will benefit our students in helping them discover their inner artistic passions.